Transform Your Home Cockpit with ProSim by HomeSim

HomeSim provides ProSim software, the worldwide solution of choice for cockpit building for over 10 years. ProSim is a comprehensive suite of software tools designed for home cockpit building projects of varying scales, ranging from small to large.

Supporting aviation enthusiasts to take their hobby one step further, using modern technology our software ensures a level of versatility, realism and stability that goes above and beyond.

Tailored with cockpit builders in mind, our platform integrates the latest developments derived from the professional training world. Experience modular design at its finest, ensuring optimal performance by efficiently spreading the load across multiple networked computers.

Using Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® and Microsoft Flight Simulator for visuals, ProSim offers a complete set of software tools for your cockpit. ProSim replicates all aircraft systems, it generates the images on the Display Units (DUs) within the Main Instrument Panel (MIP) and ensures seamless interfacing with cockpit hardware components of various brands. With a focus on authenticity, realistic aerodynamic behaviour is provided through sophisticated flight models which also allow custom liveries to be used with it’s highly detailed visual model. Users can also take control of the simulation using an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) while also ATIS, multi-channel sound and intercom are supported enhancing the overall immersion.

Let’s explore the products that will take your home-built simulator to the next level. Our product range includes three types of aircraft, the 737, B38M and A320 ceo / neo.

available prosim software

available software 737


available software b38m


available software a320


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Evaluate ProSim737, ProSimB38M, or ProSim737A320 before buying a licence.

Cockpit builders

ProSim software has been developed with cockpit building in mind.

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All the hard work has been done for you, simply use the graphical user interface.


ProSim products are compatible with most replica cockpit hardware components.


ProSim offers the next level of realism and complexity.

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