ProSim introduces: HomeSim

March 14, 2024

ProSim Training Solutions B.V. is proud to introduce HomeSim, our new answer to ProSim for home cockpit builders.  

ProSim started as a software suite for home cockpit builders and since 2011, both the brand and the products have seen major development and improvements. As ProSim is now a very well-known brand in the professional aviation industry, it has become apparent to divide the product and allow us to focus on two very different customer groups. 

HomeSim is to cockpit builders what ProSim is for the professional aviation industry. HomeSim is our new brand that centres on this important group of customers who have been key to ProSim’s success today.

Home cockpit building is about community. People all over the world share their passion on social media, with friends and most importantly, with fellow builders. With HomeSim, we would like to keep ProSim accessible to the home user but also use the brand to focus on what matters for them. Going forward, HomeSim will interact more on different social media platforms and the forum will see an update very soon. We will also interact more with our clients by visiting them all around the world showcasing their hard work on their amazing projects. 

Our new website, will be released soon. This will be the heart of the brand facilitating application for 30 day trials, links to the web shop for licensing and support subscriptions, more information about individual products, blogs with exciting stories from our users, and regular news updates regarding our HomeSim products.

We are looking forward to welcoming our home cockpit builders on our new platform very soon.